The Doctor is in!...And ready to treat all hard water issues.

Ultimately, the Scale Doctor conditions water WITHOUT the use of salt or other chemicals while still retaining minerals that are essential to good health. 

The Scale Doctor treats and conditions water at the molecular level and will NOT change its actual chemical composition...So conventional chemical water tests will not show a reduction in the water's hardness. Conventional chemical water tests are designed specifically to show how a typical water softener softens water with the use of SALT... The Scale Doctor operates on an entirely different level with out any salt at all!

As soon as the Doctor is installed and turned on, your water will start being treated. All benefits of the Scale Doctor will be realized over time BUT after day one, once the water is purged through the system it will start the process of loosening existing scale and build up and you will feel a difference in your water.

Long Term Benefits...

Stains and calcium build up on all appliances should be greatly reduced and easier to clean. Plumbing fixtures and shower stalls will appeal much brighter and will also be easier to clean. The Scale Doctor will continue to remove scale and staining within the water system of your home or business. It may take up to 16 weeks to achieve the full effect, but the unit itself offers years of MAINTENANCE-FREE performance.

The Scale Doctor contains features NOT available from any other device on the market today!

scale doctor sd100 unit


SD-100 is a 6 volt coil unit, maximum peak out put of 18 watts, recommended for 2,500 square feet or smaller homes with pipe sizes of 3/4" diameter or smaller. Add to Cart or use PAY PAL below to complete your order!


The SD-150 is a double coil unit with peak wattage of 37 peak. This unit is ideal for homes that are 2,000-4,000 square feet and pipe sizes 3/4". This electronic water conditioning system is second to none, eco-friendly, made in the USA, and prevents and removes scale build up in pipes. Call today for more info: 866-636-8332


SD-200 is a 9 volt coil unit, maximum peak out put of 55 watts, recommended for larger homes, pools, and small commercial applications with pipe sizes up to 2 1/2" inch diameter. Add to Cart or use PAY PAL below to complete your order!

sd 200 unit

Installation Video

Testimonials/Informational Video


We love our Scale Doctor! It takes up no floor space and was easy for my husband to install. There has been a noticeable difference in our water!
— J. Morris, Binghamton
I like that the Scale Doctor is Maintenance Free and was very affordable... I would absolutely recommend this product, they even have a one-year trial! Who can beat that?
— M. Carr, Vestal, NY
After paying for the rental of a water softener for years we wanted to try something different. We were looking for an alternative to using salt and chemicals in our water supply. Also, sick of maintaining a water softener along with the cost to do so. I discovered the Scale Doctor and we are thrilled with the unit! We couldn’t be happier with the results! Love it! THANK YOU!
— Glenn, Hilton Head, SC
Great product and would highly recommend. Even took the Scale Doctor with me when I moved into a new home.
— B. Johnson, Binghamton, NY